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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news in the black hawk helicopter crash and in ferguson. where the police chief is now resigning, after the scathing report from the justice department. joining a city manager, a judge, a clerk and two officers, all gone. and that black hawk down. seven marines, four soldiers presumed dead. tonight, the evidence now washing ashore. we're on the scene. the racist chant. tonight, the two students the apology from one and the explanation from the parents of the other. the boston bombing trial tonight. prosecutors say the brothers trying to get another gun, ambushing an officer. the never before heard call. >> officer down. officer down. and the newborn stolen from the hospital. just two days hospital carried out in that shopping bag. tonight, security in american hospitals.
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good evening. and we begin this wednesday night with breaking news from the white house. two secret service agents now under investigation, facing allegations they were driving under the influence in a government vehicle and hit a barrier outside the white house. this comes after a string of troubling incidents. that security breach a man sprinting across the white house lawn making it through the front door past the staircase that leads to the first family's living quarters. tonight, the new case involving two agents one of those, a senior member of president's obama's protective detail. jonathan karl live at the white house with breaking details. jon? >> reporter: good evening, david. what we know is that these two agents were at a party for a retiring agent when they allegedly, driving in a secret service vehicle, under the infrunsin influence of alcohol, hit a barricade. and "the washington post" is reporting, they broke this story, they are reporting that agents witnessed this and wanted
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to arrest those agents but were ordered by their supervisor to let them go home. now, it is important to point out, as you mentioned, that these were senior secret service agents one of then, a top member of the president's protective detail. all the white house will say at this moment is that they support the move of secret service director tom clancy he has ordered the department of homeland security to investigate investigate, has asked them to investigate, their inspector general, and the president himself has been made aware of this david. it also important to point out these two have, as you can imagine, been taken off the beat. they are no longer on the beat here at the white house. >> off the beat and under investigation. jon karl thank you. now to the other breaking headline. ferguson, missouri the shakeup there. and tonight, another domino falls. late today, the chief of police revealing he is resigning, stepping down under intense pressure. chief thomas jackson there, his department blasted by the justice department for a pattern of racial discrimination. now, the sixth city worker in
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ferguson to step down. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: ferguson police chief tom jackson finally gave into the mounting pressure after that scathing justice department report last week accusing his force of systematically discriminating against blacks. until recently chief jackson hate been defiant. >> let me just say that i do not intend to resign or step down. >> reporter: just this week, the city manager and a key judge also resigned. that on the heels of a court clerk and two police officer supervisors who left after they were tied to a series of racist e-mails, including one referring to president obama as a chimpanzee and another disparaging the first lady. >> our view of the evidence found no, no alternative explanation other than implicit and explicit racial bias. >> reporter: the justice report found african-americans make up 67% of ferguson's population but represented 93% of those arrested. >> and pierre thomas live in our
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washington bureau. pierre any word who will replace the police chief? >> reporter: an interim police chief from inside the force has been named. the city plans a nationwide search for a new permanent chief. >> all right, pierre thomas with us tonight. pierre thank you. we turn now to oklahoma and the firestorm growing there this evening over that explosive video. fraternity brothers heard chanting a racist song. two students expelled. well tonight here one student's apology, as the parents of another student offer an explanation for their son. abc's ryan owens in oklahoma. >> reporter: until now, we've only heard parker rice leading that racist chant. tonight, the 19-year-old is singing a very different tune. "i'm deeply sorry the for what i did saturday night, it was wrong and reckless," he says. also on that tape levi pettitte identified by his parents who posted an apology online. "it may be difficult for those
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who only know lvevi from the video. we raised him to be loving and inclusive." how did these two officialmen end up at the center of a racial storm? both grew up in glitzy dallas neighborhoods, went to elite schools. matt lopez sails rice went out of his way to help people. >> unfortunately, he compromised his morality for the tradition and for the pursuit of the favor of his fellow fra tern till members. >> reporter: parker rice alluded to that in his statement, saying yes, the song was taught to us but that doesn't work as an explanation. late tonight, we finally got our first statement from the local chapter of sae on campus. they said three to four years ago, their frat was invaded by a horrible cancer that was never stopped. david? >> many are going to be asking why. ryan owens, thank you. we move on tonight into the investigation on that black hawk down. the deadly carl off the florida panhandle. seven marines, four soldiers
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believe killed. late today, signs of the tragedy coming ashore. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene. >> reporter: late today, signs of the tragedy washing onto shore. pieces of the black hawk helicopter that crashed, and images you wouldn't want to see. the remains of service members whose families are grieving tonight. >> it sounded like two cars hitting at high speed. >> reporter: this is what may have led to the indianapolis dent. the dense fog, rolling in tuesday that still has about lifted tonight. they routinely train in bad weather for real world conditions and were heading out to practice insertions and extractions, seen here in this military video. dropping marines from above in and out of the water. two helicopters were flying with only a half-mile visibility. by 8:30 p.m. one team turned back and landed safely. the other disappeared. >> a rem who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. >> reporter: in the helicopter that went missing, four national guardsmen from louisiana, and
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seven marines from camp lejeune in north carolina. >> it is a very experienced unit and one that has received numerous accolades from its service to our nation. >> reporter: witnesses on shore, in navarre, florida, could hear it crash. >> the smell of fuel was really strong. >> reporter: tonight, visibility here remains low, and the military is still calling this a search and rescue even though we've learned that the servicemen are presumed dead. david? >> steve, thank you. we turn overseas this evening and to an abc news exclusive in the fight against isis. you've seen the images unspeakable brutality. the orange jumpsuits there. but tonight, another group now under the microscope. the iraqi forces. some of them leading the charge against isis trained and funded by u.s. taxpayers. but questions about their tactics now. are some of them as brutal as isis and are americans paying for it? abc's chief investigationve correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: this video shows
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two unarmed iraqi civilians pleading for their lives, begging not isis but the very forces the u.s. is counting on to stop isis. the video, slowed down, shows men with u.s.-supplied weapons. this freeze frame catches a soldier with the insignia of the iraqi special forces. they watch, but do not stop what is about to happen. the two villagers are killed. and the gunmen open fire on the pile of bodies. the disturbing video is just one of dozens of such images discovered by abc news on social media sites connected to elite units of the iraqi army and the militias who fight alongside them. >> and what we're seeing here is a brazen proud display of these terrible crimes. >> reporter: in this video of a prisoner being tortured, u.s. supplied weapons can be seen in the background. other images show men in what appear to be iraqi army uniforms celebrating right after a civilian has been beheaded. >> this is the uniform of the iraqi special forces.
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>> reporter: retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel james gavrilis helped train the iraqi forces. >> this is an absolute failure of our security policy for iraq. >> reporter: iraqi army units are now being trained by 3,000 american troops and provided with $1.5 billion in u.s. weapons. we show what we found to the iraqi army spokesman and he promised a full investigation. >> we do not allow any bad behavior from our soldiers. >> reporter: but u.s. officials say that in the end, it will be america that has to answer for any alleged war crimes. >> i guarantee you, ultimately, we get blamed for it. >> reporter: and tonight, u.s. officials say they too, are investigating the allegations and the pentagon items abc news tonight that in the last six months it has cut off money for certain units of the iraq kill army our allies based on what were termed gross human rights violations. >> the u.s. government now investigating. brian, thank you. now, to boston and the dramatic day in the trial of those accused boston bombers,
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dzhokhar tsarnaev the surviving brother. the jury shown stunning new images in the days after the bombs went off. the brothers sprinting up to a patrol car there, taking another life. abc's tom llamas was in court for us again. >> reporter: tonight, new photos show the grizzly scene after the boston bombers allegedly ambushed m.i.t. officer shawn collier inside of his squad car, killing him. >> officer down. officer down. >> reporter: for the first time jurors listened to police transmissions from that night. >> get on it! >> reporter: and watched this surveillance video, never seen by the public, of how it went down. watch as two fig yurms allegedly dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev walk through m.i.t.'s campus three days after the bombing. they approach collier's car from behind. that's when they shot the 27-year-old officer multiple times in the head. as this image shows, they couldn't get the blood-soaked firearm out of the holster. just hours earlier, the fbi held a news conference and showed the
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world these images saying the men in the photos were suspects in the boston marathon bombings. today, jurors also got an up close look at this mangled burnt metal. the fbi says was part of one of the pressure cooker bombs and this the detonator wire. >> and tom llamas is with us today. tom, members of victims families in court again today? >> reporter: that is right, david. victim family members were there. there were other officers there. it was an emotional day in court. and dzhokhar tsarnaev like he's done on other days sat slumped in his chair. david? >> tom, thank you. tonight, that chilling new forecast about earthquakes in the west. in california in particular. these images showing the devastation after the northridge earthquake in california in 1994. that was a 6.7. tonight, scientists warngng a magnitude 8 or higher the big one, as nay call it is more likely to hit than first thought. a 7% chance in the next 30 years, because they are now learning that earthquakes can jump from one fault line to
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another, making them even more devastateing devastating. there is another extreme weather image to show you tonight. this one out of new york city. a sandlandslide in yonkers. let's get right to meteorologist ginger zee who is following that storm system, bringing a lot more rain with the snow melting already. >> reporter: we have that front that's going sit along the gulf. new orleans has had two-plus inches of rain. going to get three to six in the coming days. so look. flash flood watches, regular flood watches, all the way from new orleans up to evansville indiana. kind of shapes like a boomerang back there. you'll see another two to four inches. that's a rain forecast through saturday. but i wante snow, because we told you, last friday we were at 50% of our nation covered in snow. this morning? 16%. so boy, spring is doing its hard work with that high sun angle. >> ginger great to have you with us. tonight, to the new fallout from the "blurred lines" case.
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marvin gaye's family hoping to shut down sales of that song after a jury decided pharrell and robin thicke stole it. but it raises the question where is the line between inspiration and steaming the song? tonight, three iconic songs, listen and decide for yourself and here again, abc's linzieynninziey davis davis. >> reporter: with jurors deciding in favor of marvin gaye's family, agreeing that "blurred lines" songwriters pharrell williams and robin thicke copied gaye's 1977 classic "got to give it up," gaye's family now asking the court to prohibit sales of "blurred lines." they spoke exclusively for the first time with abc news. >> when i first heard the song, it's like -- i've heard this before. >> reporter: many in the music industry now questioning where to draw the line between being inspired bid other artists that came before you and stealing. see if you can hear the similarities. first, "blurred lines." then gaye's song. ♪ hey hey hey ♪ hey hey hey
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: williams, thicke and rapper t.i., telling abc news in a joint statement the ruling "sets a horrible precedent for music." these types of conflicts are not led zeppelin accused of stealing the melody of the 1968 spirit song "taurus" for "stairway to heaven." listen to the comparison. first zeppelin, then spirit. ♪ >> reporter: meanwhile, another recent case quietly resolved out of court. listen to sam smith's "stay with me" and then tom petty's "i wont back down." ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ ♪ well i won't back down ♪ >> amazing. you follow this on twitter and the viewers are so decided if this is inspiration or theft. now the family of marvin gaye wants to stop selling the song? >> reporter: it's very possible. it's just that it would likely just be temporary until both sides are able to come to an
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agreement on how to split the song's future earnings. >> linsey thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. and look at this this evening. the newborn, two days old, stolen from the hospital. the surveillance video. the moment caught on camera. the man carrying the baby in that shopping bag. new questions about hospital security tonight. the stunning heist. the burned out vans hauling millions in jewels. and the brazen thiefs who had a plan. they knew how they were going to get those vans open. and look at this tonight. the discovery on the gulf course. the giant gator. they are telling us up to 18 feet long. let's just say he's going to get to play wherever he wants on that golf course. stay tuned.
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because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. next tonight here we've reported on newborns being stolen from hospitals in this country. even with tight security. buff tonight, a braisen case as the cameras record it all. a nurse even talking to the man as he holds the bag with the newborn inside. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: what the staff at banner thunderbird hospital in glendale arizona, does not know
6:48 pm
at this moment is that hidden in that bag is a two-2-day-old baby girl. the infant is wearing an electronic bracelet that locks doors and alerts the staff. but they don't notice that jason bristol has allegedly concealed his daughter under blankets to evade social workers. and this hospital's security system has a flaw, an emergency exit that only locks temporarily. bristol tries it once but when the system resets it unlocks. he gets away down a stairwell, then out through the lobby. scenes like this are extremely rare. just 132 babies taken from hospitals since 1983, thanks to low and high-tech security standard in places like rocky mountain hospital for children in denver. >> they check you at the front, to make sure you have your parent badge. if not, you have to sign in or get a badge. >> reporter: the hospital uses cameras at every door. special uniforms only worn in the maternity ward, and those electronic bracelets. what's sup happen? >> immediately notifies both the
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staff on the floor and security inside the hospital but it also has the ability to shut doors, call audible alarms. >> reporter: bristol was later arrested. the baby girl, fine. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> dlin thank you. when we come back here tonight, the brazen jewelry heist. the big getaway. and we'll show you how they broke up the trucks. and we have breaking news tonight on the miracle baby we reported on here last night. there is late word on her condition tonight. ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters
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we loved hearing that. and to the surprise on the golf course tonight. check out the gator roaming a golf course in florida. these images viewed hundreds of thousands of times. the golf course owners give the course some charm. when we come back here tonight, the gps steering you wrong, but 800 miles offcourse? where the tourists ended up. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life.
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>> i guess what we do is just drive around this circle here. >> reporter: who could forget that scene from "national lampoon's european vacation." >> there's big pen. >> reporter: chevy chase gets caught in the traffic circumstance. in london and can't get out. >> yeah. >> we know. big ben. >> parliament. >> reporter: which brings us to that new headline tonight. you can't make this up. 50 tourists on a trip to the french alps. when the bus trip was over their destination looked more like this. the driver said he followed gps. but went more than 600 miles offcourse, ending up in the french countryside. hope they like wine. it's happened before. ♪ on a dark desert highway ♪ >> reporter: there was the cooper family from nevada donna, her daughter gina their friend who told us about that day trip to a museum in death valley. they followed gps, too. >> turn left on california 190. >> reporter: they got lost instructed to keep turning around, going down the wrong roads. three days in the desert out of
6:58 pm
gas, out of cell phone service. a california highway patrol chopper spots them. >> dirt road. >> found their vehicle next to a road which, we're like is that a car? >> reporter: they found them. look at the smiles. so it turns out chevy chase wasn't alone afterall. the sun down, still going around that circle. >> it's amazing! i cannot get left! >> we can all relate to that. thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow same place. you don't even need your gps. good night.
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